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Care Instructions

I'm often asked how to clean my handcrafted jewelry. Here's my method. It's safe and easy.

1. Wrap your jewelry in aluminum foil creating a packet around the item.

2. Put the foil packet of jewelry in a heat-proof container, such as a Ball jar, mug or Pyrex glass.

3. Place the jar in the sink (important).

4. Pour enough boiling water into the jar to cover your foil packet, or packets, of jewelry. It's ok to clean more than one piece of jewelry at a time in different packets.

5. To the submerged jewelry, add at least 3 tbsp. baking soda for every 8 oz. of water. Acid/base chemistry between the baking soda and aluminum is responsible for restoring luster to the jewelry. For best results, use slightly more baking soda than you are comfortable with. A foam should form, possibly overflowing the jar.

6. Wait two or three minutes until foaming stops. Being mindful of the hot water, empty the jar and rinse the jewelry packet(s) with cool water. 

7. Unwrap the jewelry and rinse thoroughly. The inside of the foil packet should have become darker through the cleaning process, and your jewelry will be bright again.

The jewelry is no longer oxidized, so the tarnish will be removed from your sterling jewelry.

I routinely use this method for all of my jewelry, including pieces with stones and/or pearls without damage. Please ensure your own personal safety when handling hot liquids.

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